Lita provides all types of eyelash extensions. Whether you are seeking a natural look or a glamorous looks, Lita offers eyelash extensions in various lengths, thicknesses and curves to match your desired look.

Lita applies each single eyelash extension to your natural lashes directly with a semi-permanent adhesive so your eyelashes and eyelids can still move freely. It is very important to use an expert for this, as need to be carefully applied one-by-one and can take up to 2 hours depending on the look you are seeking to achieve.

Lita is able to provide eyelash extensions that last up to 6 weeks but does also offer infills to her current clients for those looking to maintain an optimal look, which can be applied every 2-3 weeks, depending on your needs and how often new lashes grow through. Due to her extensive experience, Lita will always accurately advise you on your expectations.

While Lita does not recommend using mascara while you have eyelash extensions in place, eye shadow and eyeliner are perfectly fine to continue using as long as you are careful. Lita does offer permanent eyeliner tattooing, so please ask about this when getting eyelash extensions applied.

Whether you are looking for eyelash extensions or infills, call Lita today or book online right now for the best eyelash extensions and infills in Darlinghurst, Paddington and Surry Hills!

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