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Is cosmetic tattoo right for me?

What kind of person has cosmetic tattoo?

Any kind of person who wishes to improve on what nature has intended or wants to perfect their look.

A person who’s eyesight might not be what it used to be or has a busy lifestyle and wants to “wake up with makeup”.

A person tired of applying makeup or having to “draw” their brows and eyes on each day.

Cosmetic tattoo or semi-permanent makeup is a safe proceedure allowing the client more time and freedom to go about their life looking their best at all times. The work is made to fade using iron oxide pigments, so allowing over time changes to the work to suit the client as they age or as they wish to change their look. For example, a client may over time wish to lift their brow with tattoo to the arches in their existing tattooed brow. The pigment lasts 12-24 months therefore allowing this change. cosmetic tattoo right for me?

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New cosmetic tattoo technique

For many years, women wanting their eyebrows enhanced with cosmetic tattoo (or micropigmentation) were given only one option… the “block” tattoo look.  All one colour and often an unnatural shape which faded to orange or pink or blue.  Today, the options are greater with the introduction of the hair stroke tattoo method performed with a digital machine or microblading, which is the hair stroke method using a hand tool.  I perform either method, depending on what my client and I decide in the consultation room.  Some clients wish for a more strong and defined look and other want natural, barely noticeable results.

The client in the above before and after picture was experienced in the procedure having been tattooed before so we chose the digital machine to impregnate deeper colour and create a dramatic “European Brow”.  The colour faded by 30-40% during healing which was predicted.  We have since performed microblade hair strokes over this work in a lighter warm pigment to give a 3D brow effect.

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Eyebrow Shaping Sydney

Does eyebrow shape really matter?

Does eyebrow shape really matter?

Well, I could wax lyrical (pun intended) all day about brows and how they frame the face and eyes are the windows to the soul etc etc… that would be stating the obvious.

But eyebrow shape specifically can attract or distract others unconsciously.  (No really!).  Think about the time you met someone who had an grumpy expression on their face all the time… Why?  One reason may have been their “angry brows”. (Brows that are over-arched or too severe will do this)  With a little adjustment done by a brow specialist or brow professional, a little “brow rehab” goes a long way is making facial expression more harmonious.  We specialise in this and other brow enhancing techniques at Eyebrows Sydney, Lita Brow Boutique.

Brows can make or break a face.  Period.

There are many shapes and fashions for brows and of late, the one that is most popular is the Thick Brow or the “Cara” or “Brooke”… which ever generation your are from, there is a poster girl for the most covetable Brow shape.

I am an advocate of fashion myself but am inclined to give each client a bespoke look, tailored to their individuality and more of a classic look that is all their own.  I don’t follow brow fashions when designing a brow for each client, but the aim is to give the client the most beautiful shape that can be achieved with their natural brow first, then offer them solutions to enhance with brow tattoo later, if needed.




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